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Use subject to terms of use: http://www.eventbrite.com/tos http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/tech/rss 60 Easter AS ONE Begins: April 20, 2014 at 5:30 PM Ends: April 20, 2014 at 10:30 PM Where: 1917 Bay Street Organized by: ChristFit, the Source, the Well, THC, KHOP and GBS http://www.eventbrite.com/e/11308685583?aff=es2 http://www.eventbrite.com/e/11308685583?aff=es2 http://www.eventbrite.com/e/11308685583?aff=es2 2014-04-20T17:30:00Z 2014-04-20T17:30:00Z 2014-04-20T22:30:00Z The Seed Centre 1917 Bay Street CA Los Angeles US http://www.eventbrite.com/e/11308685583?aff=es2 ChristFit, the Source, the Well, THC, KHOP and GBS An Evening of Inspiration with Marianne Williamson & Seane Corn Begins: April 20, 2014 at 7:30 PM Ends: April 20, 2014 at 9:30 PM Where: 2215 Main St Organized by: YogaWorks http://www.eventbrite.com/e/11339066453?aff=es2 http://www.eventbrite.com/e/11339066453?aff=es2 http://www.eventbrite.com/e/11339066453?aff=es2 2014-04-20T19:30:00Z 2014-04-20T19:30:00Z 2014-04-20T21:30:00Z YogaWorks Main Street 2215 Main St CA Santa Monica US http://www.eventbrite.com/e/11339066453?aff=es2 YogaWorks 04.20 Sounds Like Sundays with Trent Cantrelle + Guests Begins: April 20, 2014 at 10:00 PM Ends: April 21, 2014 at 3:00 AM Where: 6356 Hollywood Blvd Organized by: Sounds Like http://www.eventbrite.com/e/11145194577?aff=es2 http://www.eventbrite.com/e/11145194577?aff=es2 http://www.eventbrite.com/e/11145194577?aff=es2 2014-04-20T22:00:00Z 2014-04-20T22:00:00Z 2014-04-21T03:00:00Z Sounds Like Terrace 6356 Hollywood Blvd CA Los Angeles US http://www.eventbrite.com/e/11145194577?aff=es2 Sounds Like Chocolate Sundaes Comedy Show @ the Laugh Factory Begins: January 12, 2014 at 8:00 PM Ends: May 25, 2014 at 8:00 PM Where: 8001 Sunset Boulevard Organized by: Chocolate Sundaes Comedy Show http://www.eventbrite.com/e/767358189?aff=es2 http://www.eventbrite.com/e/767358189?aff=es2 http://www.eventbrite.com/e/767358189?aff=es2 2014-01-12T20:00:00Z 2014-04-20T20:00:00Z 2014-05-25T20:00:00Z Laugh Factory 8001 Sunset Boulevard CA Los Angeles US http://www.eventbrite.com/e/767358189?aff=es2 Chocolate Sundaes Comedy Show I Scream Sundays Begins: December 15, 2013 at 9:00 PM Ends: December 20, 2015 at 9:00 PM Where: 6476 Santa Monica Blvd http://www.eventbrite.com/e/9456090421?aff=es2 http://www.eventbrite.com/e/9456090421?aff=es2 http://www.eventbrite.com/e/9456090421?aff=es2 2013-12-15T21:00:00Z 2014-04-20T21:00:00Z 2015-12-20T21:00:00Z Ruby Theatrea @ The Complex 6476 Santa Monica Blvd ca hollywood US http://www.eventbrite.com/e/9456090421?aff=es2 The Playbook Comedy Sundayz! Begins: April 6, 2014 at 7:30 PM Ends: May 4, 2014 at 7:30 PM Where: 14137 Imperial Hwy Organized by: Shaun Latham http://www.eventbrite.com/e/11110709431?aff=es2 http://www.eventbrite.com/e/11110709431?aff=es2 http://www.eventbrite.com/e/11110709431?aff=es2 2014-04-06T19:30:00Z 2014-04-20T19:30:00Z 2014-05-04T19:30:00Z The Playbook Sports Lounge 14137 Imperial Hwy CA La Mirada US http://www.eventbrite.com/e/11110709431?aff=es2 Shaun Latham Pavan Liqueur Tasting Begins: April 20, 2014 at 4:00 PM Ends: April 20, 2014 at 7:00 PM Where: 1700 W Glenoaks Blvd Organized by: Remedy Wine & Spirits http://www.eventbrite.com/e/11181555333?aff=es2 http://www.eventbrite.com/e/11181555333?aff=es2 http://www.eventbrite.com/e/11181555333?aff=es2 2014-04-20T16:00:00Z 2014-04-20T16:00:00Z 2014-04-20T19:00:00Z REMEDY LIQUOR 1700 W Glenoaks Blvd CA Glendale US http://www.eventbrite.com/e/11181555333?aff=es2 Remedy Wine & Spirits The Wrangle Begins: November 24, 2013 at 11:00 PM Ends: January 18, 2015 at 11:00 PM Where: 1107 El Centro http://www.eventbrite.com/e/9455797545?aff=es2 http://www.eventbrite.com/e/9455797545?aff=es2 http://www.eventbrite.com/e/9455797545?aff=es2 2013-11-24T23:00:00Z 2014-04-20T23:00:00Z 2015-01-18T23:00:00Z The Clubhouse 1107 El Centro CA Los Angeles US http://www.eventbrite.com/e/9455797545?aff=es2 Sexy Fit Dance Begins: January 5, 2014 at 6:00 PM Ends: June 1, 2014 at 6:00 PM Where: 817 North Highland Avenue Organized by: Happy Hour Body http://www.eventbrite.com/e/10031401191?aff=es2 http://www.eventbrite.com/e/10031401191?aff=es2 http://www.eventbrite.com/e/10031401191?aff=es2 2014-01-05T18:00:00Z 2014-04-20T18:00:00Z 2014-06-01T18:00:00Z Hollywood Dance Center 817 North Highland Avenue CA Los Angeles US http://www.eventbrite.com/e/10031401191?aff=es2 Happy Hour Body 4 Course Farmer's Market Menu for $48 Tuesday-Thursday, Sunday Begins: June 29, 2014 at 6:00 PM Ends: June 29, 2014 at 6:00 PM Where: 1023 Abbot Kinney Blvd Organized by: Joe's Restaurant http://www.eventbrite.com/e/10915264851?aff=es2 http://www.eventbrite.com/e/10915264851?aff=es2 http://www.eventbrite.com/e/10915264851?aff=es2 2014-06-29T18:00:00Z 2014-04-20T18:00:00Z 2014-06-29T18:00:00Z Joe's Restaurant 1023 Abbot Kinney Blvd CA Venice US http://www.eventbrite.com/e/10915264851?aff=es2 Joe's Restaurant 3 min Technique to Live In the NOW Stress and Worry FREE Begins: March 17, 2014 at 6:00 PM Ends: May 29, 2014 at 6:00 PM Where: 300 S Doheny Dr, Los Angeles, Organized by: S Modugu http://www.eventbrite.com/e/10979683529?aff=es2 http://www.eventbrite.com/e/10979683529?aff=es2 http://www.eventbrite.com/e/10979683529?aff=es2 2014-03-17T18:00:00Z 2014-04-20T18:00:00Z 2014-05-29T18:00:00Z Los Angeles 300 S Doheny Dr, Los Angeles, CA Los Angeles US http://www.eventbrite.com/e/10979683529?aff=es2 S Modugu WEEKLY PUB TRIVIA w/ GEEKS WHO DRINK Begins: February 16, 2014 at 8:00 PM Ends: December 28, 2014 at 8:00 PM Where: 12518 Burbank Blvd Organized by: Bar ONE: a craft beer bar http://www.eventbrite.com/e/10637752805?aff=es2 http://www.eventbrite.com/e/10637752805?aff=es2 http://www.eventbrite.com/e/10637752805?aff=es2 2014-02-16T20:00:00Z 2014-04-20T20:00:00Z 2014-12-28T20:00:00Z Bar One: a craft beer bar 12518 Burbank Blvd CA North Hollywood US http://www.eventbrite.com/e/10637752805?aff=es2 Bar ONE: a craft beer bar