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The Inner Temple

The Lady Oxannamoon, otherwise known as Reverend Angela, has long been a seeker on the path of Love, Wisdom and Power.  A second generation Shamanic Witch, she realized early that there is a hollowness in this mad frenzy that we call modern life.  Gone is the sense of community that once made life a constant interplay of love with extended family.  Gone with that, is the sense of personal responsibility that comes from knowing that each of us is wanted and needed…that each of us was intended, and that each of us has a vital part to play in the unfolding of all creation!  Gone are the celebrations that once marked the turning of the seasons, the Wheel of the Year, and the progression of our lives!  Humankind is crying out in its brokenness for all that we have lost and surrendered to our technological adolescence, and all of creation aches to have us back.  Too long have we allowed the fertile fields of our souls to lie fallow, and now we are ripe for a rebirth! 

Sensing that the time was at hand, that a tipping point of consciousness is upon us, Lady Oxannamoon founded The Inner Temple to be a light along the pathway! 

Kind and kin have been calling you home…welcome to The Inner Temple!

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