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Guest post: 5 ways to generate (more) revenue with small(er) events


This is a guest post by Louise M. Felsher, CMP, CMM—Director of Marketing at Treasure Island Wines. Last week, Louise shared her expertise on one of the trickiest subjects for organizers: which event risks are the right ones? Now, she addresses another tough question: how can you turn a smaller event into a big success?
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Guest post: 5 risks every event planner should take


Risk aversion will never shift the ingenuity needle forward, evolve your event or the industry. But breaking free of complacency requires a sincere commitment. Below are some irreverent yet calculated risks that every event planner should dare to attempt – and they are tame enough to tackle all at once.
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Grape gatherings galore: Your guide to October wine events


Here in the Bay Area, one of the best things about fall is the veritable crush of amazing wine events. Tastings in town, festivals in the vineyards… One of these years we swear they’re going to run out of grapes. Thankfully, that hasn’t happened yet. And it’s not just Northern California that has excellent wine events this month.
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Eventbrite video: Live at San Francisco Vintner's Market

It’s that time again on the blog… video time! We trust by now you’ve checked out our footage of the TechCrunch Disrupt conference and the Mortified comedy series. This week we’ve got a great new addition. The SF Vintner’s Market is a special kind of wine event that’s structured more like a farmer’s market than
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Weekend events: Bay Area dining and wining

New Yorkers will probably argue the point, but when it comes to food and wine events, the San Francisco Bay Area certainly sets a high standard: every weekend seems jam-packed with a diverse range of imbibing possibilities. We’ve put together a quick checklist of the weekend’s gatherings, ranging from a wine benefit on Treasure Island to a two-day pastry fest in Oakland to a good old-fashioned pub crawl in SF.
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