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Austin Bound or Not, We Want to Hear From You


I’m covering South by Southwest for the blog and would love to hear your thoughts. What do you want to learn? How will you spend your time at SXSW? And, go!
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Empower Your SXSW

sxsw landing

We have some exciting updates to share about South by Southwest!
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SXSW is Better Together: Eventbrite Partners with Sched.org


We’re partnering with another SXSW favorite to make RSVPing for parties and managing your tickets so much easier.
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Vote in Our Eventbrite Election: We Submit Two South by Southwest Panel Ideas


At Eventbrite, we can be a lot of things. We’re playful. We’re social. And we are very, very orange. But sometimes, we like to be provocative.
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Eventbrite and SXSW: Opportunities As Big As Texas


For South By Southwest this year, a big crew of Britelings headed out to Austin. And as we wash the barbecue sauce from our clothes, I’m pleased to report that this year at South By, Eventbrite’s presence was huge! First and foremost, we had over 400 users ticket their parties and gatherings in Austin with Eventbrite.
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