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Top Three Places to Pitch Your Startup Idea

Pitch FEature 8.8.11

Launching a startup is tough, but getting new users, press coverage, and investors is even tougher. Here’s three great types of events to make pitching your idea a little easier.
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Guest post: 5 ways to plan a successful conference (even when it’s about failure…)


The events landscape is growing more competitive, especially this fall. How do you create an event that stands out among the pack? In its second year, FailCon is sticking with what it shares best—practical insights from the leading minds in technology, entrepreneurism, and venture capital—plus adding new workshops that will allow for more hands-on learning. Here are 5 pointers that shaped our approach for FailCon.
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StartupMill: Events where there were none

Startup types in a place like Silicon Valley may take their network as a given. If you want to build a young company, you probably know where you can connect with the right people. But that’s less true in the U.K., according to Joel Gascoigne, co-founder of British startup OnePage. “There are people dotted around who are very capable in their own speciality,” Gascoigne says. “However there are few opportunities for these people to come together and collaborate.” That’s why, in late 2009, Gascoigne hosted his first networking event, in the city of Sheffield.
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