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Guest post: How I Filled 25% of the Room with Twitter

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At Eventbrite, we talk all the time about the power of social media to help you sell more tickets to your events. But we realize that can sometimes sound abstract—where’s the proof? Today we offer a testimonial from Adam Franklin, who writes about how a smart Twitter strategy resulted in a huge boost in event attendance.

Bluewire Media ran an event called “The Truth About Social Media for Business” and given the topic, you’d naturally hope we
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Guest post: 5 reasons your business needs a blog


Upasna Gautam previously shared her marketing expertise in an extremely helpful post on crafting the perfect email pitch. Today she writes on a topic that’s critical for many businesses using Eventbrite: the 5 reasons you need to channel the marketing power of a blog.

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Top 10 best practices on how to use social media to promote your event (Part II: #6-10)


Last month, we ran Part I of our 10-point guide to using social media for great event promotion. We got a lot of great discussion and feedback around the post, and today we’re excited to share tips 6 – 10, which focus particularly on Twitter and LinkedIn. So enjoy, spread them around, and let us hear any tips of your own!
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