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Vamos: Discover Eventbrite events (and more) on iOS!

Vamos App

Turn your iOS device into your own personal event compass for the city with Vamos!
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Localist: An Embeddable Calendar App that Syncs your Eventbrite Events


‘Appy Holidays! We’re celebrating this month with 12 new partners, starting with Localist!
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Eventbrite's new Facebook recommendations power social event discovery


At Eventbrite, we think that one of the best ways to find new events – whether they be concerts or conferences or college parties – is simply to see what your friends are doing. As fun as new experiences can be, we believe that they’re better with friends. To drive social event discovery and help friends connect around live experiences, we’re using the Facebook Connect APIs to let Eventbrite users share their upcoming events with their real world friends.
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