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Social Commerce: A Global Look at the Numbers

Worldwide Values Graphic

Since our first report in 2010, we have experienced incredible international adoption. Given this global expansion, we have expanded our study of social commerce behaviors and trends to a global community.
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Social Commerce: A Look From Our London Office

UK Union Jack

As Eventbrite expands internationally, we are closely watching user behavior on social networks. As events are inherently social, social media only amplifies this highly viral eCommerce category that we like to refer to as social commerce. We began tracking these numbers in October of 2010, but now that we have a UK office and are expanding globally, we thought it was time to take another look, this time comparing activity in the US to the activity in the UK. Take a look at our findings!
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Optimize Your Facebook Ads: Eventbrite Partners with CitizenNet

CitizenNet Feature 9.21.11

We’re excited to announce a partnership with CitizenNet, which simplifies Facebook marketing for event organizers.
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Social Commerce: A closer look at the numbers


Here at Eventbrite, we are fascinated by the mechanics that drive social commerce. We carefully track sharing behavior in an effort to help event organizers tap into a new world of distribution for their event promotion. But the findings apply broadly to all eCommerce businesses, because the foundations of ecommerce are shifting as the social graph becomes a meaningful influence in driving transactions. Now with greater volumes of activity, we decided to take a deeper dive into the last six months of data to help understand the mechanics behind social commerce.
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Nominate Eventbrite for 'Best Social Commerce App' Crunchie!


Let’s say—just hypothetically—you really love Eventbrite, and you’ve been looking for a great way to express that love. Well, you’re in luck—and so are we! TechCrunch’s annual Crunchie Awards are almost here, and it’s time to nominate your favorite tech companies and products of 2010.
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