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Making Boot Camp Social: Five Ways Craigslist Foundation Uses Social Media

Craigslist Bootcamp Feature 2 5.31.11

Craigslist Foundation is a social place by nature, and social media features heavily in how we operate. Here are a few ways we use social media to promote our event and our cause.
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Dancing in San Francisco to light up Ranmalpur, India

Safe, efficient lighting is something most of us take as a given. But in Ranmalpur, India, a small desert settlement, the use of kerosene lamps is a safety concern, a time-waster, and an environmental hazard. Learning about the problem, an enterprising trio of young UCSF students and researchers—Yelena Bronevetsky, Sarah Abdul-Wajid, and Alexis Brumwell—decided to raise the money to donate sustainable solar lanterns to the town.
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