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Top Three Places to Pitch Your Startup Idea

Pitch FEature 8.8.11

Launching a startup is tough, but getting new users, press coverage, and investors is even tougher. Here’s three great types of events to make pitching your idea a little easier.
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Our Eventbrite Scrapbook


If a picture is worth 1,000 words, this blog post will most certainly take a while to read.

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How to Get Wineries to Donate to Your Event

Ian White 7.25.11 Feature

It’s not easy to secure wine for your event. Here are some simple tips for getting vino to your show.
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Top Five Places to Meet Your Next Date

ArtPoint's Bastille Day

Any mother would appreciate her daughter reporting on the great guy she met at a charity fundraiser. These are my top five events to check out when looking to meet quality people!
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#MyHeroIs a Tech Girl Geek


Do you have the power to shift stereotypes? Or the ability to change the meaning of a word? Our hero, Angie Chang does.
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