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Make Your Next Fest the Best.


As we are prepping for Governor’s Ball in NYC and for Vans Warped Tour in San Francisco, Staci, our NYC Evangelist gives you her top tips on making your next fest the best.
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Crushed the Fundraising Challenge!


If you’ve been following along with Brianna’s Crush Your Fundraising Challenge series, you’ll be thrilled to find out that yes, she did #CrushIt…by a lot!
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The Evolution of an Event

Clothing Swap 10.3.11 Feature

I saw an opportunity to use Eventbrite’s software for a great cause, while switching up ladies’ wardrobes throughout San Francisco. Here’s how we’re doing it.
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Who Wears Short Shorts? We Wear Short Shorts.

Chubbies Feature 9.13.11

Sky’s out, thighs out. We check out a shortswear launch party listed on Eventbrite, and end up with some great event advice (as well as some well-bronzed gams).
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Don't Be Shy, It's Picture Time!


Eventbrite Event Evangelists are at it yet another week. Who said work can’t be fun? From San Francisco to New York City and many cities in between, our evangelists present to you another week of event photos for your viewing pleasure!
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