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Eventbrite Performing Arts Grant: Where Are They Now, Vol. 1

CounterPulse May Day 2013

CounterPULSE, one of the winners of the Eventbrite Performing Arts Grant, put on one heck of an event earlier this month! Here’s our photo recap.
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Arts Grant Update: Meet The Winners!


It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for! We’re so excited to announce the winners of the first ever Eventbrite Performing Arts Grant.
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$1000 for Your Performing Arts Group

Performing Arts Grant

Because we’re so passionate about the vibrant arts community in SF, we’ve created the Eventbrite Performing Arts Grant. We’ll be selecting three groups to receive $1,000 to use towards their upcoming performance.
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Events We Love: Aesthetic Darwinism


We’re big fans of new technology, especially when it’s woven into a part of our life where it didn’t exist previously. So naturally we were quite smitten when we first heard about Gretchen Andrus (_g)’s art and her upcoming show, Aesthetic Darwinism.
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Meet the Teacher: Kyle Ingham, Founder of The Distilled Man


Kyle Ingham wants to help guys become better guys. He founded The Distilled Man, a specialty school in San Francisco, to teach essential ‘man skills’, like grilling, cocktails, and poker.
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