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Why Every Brand Needs a BRO


More than fist pumping and popped collars, Bros are our biggest evangelists and are vital to building brand awareness. You want one too, now, don’t you?
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Political Events: A Look at the Numbers

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In the past nine months, over 7,000 campaign events – everything from school board fundraisers to presidential rallies – have been managed on Eventbrite. Join us as we take a look at the numbers!
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Watch founders Kevin and Julia Hartz discuss Eventbrite for Causes

Our founders, Kevin and Julia Hartz, just did a video interview with envisionGood on our awesome new nonprofit program, Eventbrite for Causes! Watch them discuss the role nonprofits play in our business, along with larger issues related to social commerce and building an online community. We also get an awesome shout-out from Dan Morrison of Citizen Effect, one of our top NPO partners.
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Eventbrite webinar: Building a strong online community

On Thursday, March 4, Eventbrite will be hosting a webinar on how to build an online community. Establishing and growing an online community is among the most crucial strategies an eventholder can pursue: it is an unparalleled viral promotional tool before events, and it ensures that connections persist well after an event is finished. Yet still many eventholders neglect to foster these communities, or assume they will take care of themselves.
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