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NYC has the ball drop. What do you have in store to get people excited about your NYE event?

Beat the Ball: 5 Tips for Making Your New...

When you're competing against Times Square, you know your event has to be great. Here are tips from our NYC Event Evangelist, who has produced more than 200 New Year’s Eve events for more than 150,000 people throughout the past four years.


Heroic Tips for Hosting Your Next Event

The past nine weeks have been extraordinary. Eventbrite has been honored to share the stories of amazing event planners from all over the country. Here is a quick recap of our heroes and lessons to keep in mind during your next event.


Don’t Be Shy, It’s Picture Time!

Eventbrite Event Evangelists are at it yet another week. Who said work can't be fun? From San Francisco to New York City and many cities in between, our evangelists present to you another week of event photos for your viewing pleasure!