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Awarding Events That Make a Difference

VivaBrite 10.11.11 Feature

We’re teaming up with Vivanista to host the VivaBrite Awards, and calling out the great people who create something even greater than themselves through the power of events.
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Southern Comfort: Our Interview with Edwin McCain, Musician and Event Organizer

Edwin Feature 9.9.11

Recently, I chatted with Edwin McCain, musician and one of the founders of Euphoria, a four-day food, wine, and music festival in Greenville, S.C. Pump up “I’ll Be” and check out our conversation.
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This NPO Uses Social Media to "Rock": An Eventbrite Twitterview

Girls Who Rock Logo 5.26.11

Earlier today, we hosted our first interview conducted via Twitter. The minds behind Girls Who Rock discussed their NPO and how they use social media to engage their audience and share their mission.
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Vivanista.com webinar: "Expanding Your Fundraiser Beyond Your Community"


At Eventbrite, we love it when organizers push the envelope, experimenting with events even they weren’t sure they could pull off. And one of the best ways to do that is to expand beyond your local area. Think this just isn’t feasible for you? You might be surprised. Our friends at Vivanista recently hosted a webinar on this subject.
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Organizers share tips at Eventbrite's Nonprofit Breakfast Seminar

As Eventbrite’s first Event Evangelist in San Francisco two of my primary objectives are to build awareness of Eventbrite in SF as well as support and foster the SF event organizer community. Today I hosted our first programming event as part of an effort to support a particular community we are quite passionate about: nonprofits. Eventbrite’s Nonprofit Breakfast Seminar was a workshop for NPOs to learn how to host a successful event for fundraising purposes.
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