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Planning Perfect Fundraisers for Sponsors and Partners

Simple can be successful. Causecast hosted "Cause on the Rocks" where 100% of proceeds from one signature drink went to charity.

Throwing a successful fundraiser is more than just sending an invite. It has to raise money. Here’s how to do it.
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Fundraising Tips: How to Measure Success and Accountability

If you're not at 50% of your fundraising goal at the half-way mark, start planning ways to get on the fast track.

Your team has to set goals, track the work and measure success over time. But what is important for your organization to measure?
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Run Your Running Event with a Team

SolanoTurkey Trot Freature Crop 6.21.11

With so many steps in planning a road race (or, any event), it’s easy to become overwhelmed with the duties we need to accomplish. Here are four ways to collaborate with other non-profits to get the job done.
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Eventbrite for Causes: One Year Anniversary

Eventbrite for Causes feature 9.22.11

It’s been one amazing year since we launched our nonprofit program, Eventbrite for Causes. As we reflect on positive feedback and success stories, it makes us proud to be empowering so many organizers who support such worthy causes…
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Guest post: BroadCause partners with Eventbrite to provide event management and ticketing


When I started Experience Project nearly five years ago, my vision was to use life experiences to connect people. Replace the ‘friend-in-common’ concept of a traditional social network with ‘experience-in-common,’ and you have the gist of our platform.
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