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Hurricane Sandy Relief


Let’s rally together and show the East Coast we’re here for them as they recover from Hurricane Sandy.
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Crushed the Fundraising Challenge!


If you’ve been following along with Brianna’s Crush Your Fundraising Challenge series, you’ll be thrilled to find out that yes, she did #CrushIt…by a lot!
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Renew Corporate Partners and Get the Ones That Got Away

When a corporate sponsor gives you money, use it how you promised you will.

Brady Hahn gives her tips on keeping corporate sponsors on-board, and staying on the radar of potential sponsors.
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Reach Out! Landing Your “First Date” in Fundraising


Avoiding that cold call? Not sure how to set up the first meeting? Brady Hahn gives some tips on reaching out to prospective sponsors for the first time.
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10 Tips for Your Next Fundraiser

Vivanista 11.21.11

Here are 10 tips overhead during the Vivanista Fundraising Summit in San Francisco.
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