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Brite Jams: Volume 2

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Our Product Manager, Ty White, shares his favorite Eventbrite memories via some of his favorite tunes!
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Brite Jams: Volume One


We’re committed to helping you create great events. We’d also like to help you stay productive and stimulate your creative juices with our baller Spotify playlists!
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If We Had to Sum Up Our Events with a Song, It Would Be…

jackie greene feature

On one night, Sep. 17, our Event Evangelists hosted five concerts, in five separate cities, for five separate causes. Here’s what they had to say about the experience.
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Music Events: How to Stand Out Amongst the Crowd

Here in the Bay Area, there is always music playing somewhere. Every night of the week in every hip neighborhood in San Francisco, Oakland and beyond there are DJs, reggae groups, rock bands, country acts, hip hop artists and more serving up some of the most unique music you’ll find. For people looking to listen to music, this is great. For those trying to get their music heard, this can be an intimidating challenge.
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