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Meet the Teacher: Thomas Edwards Jr, The Professional Wingman

Professional Wingman

Meet Thomas, who uses Eventbrite to teach singles how to land that intimidating first date!
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Meet the Teacher: Kyle Ingham, Founder of The Distilled Man


Kyle Ingham wants to help guys become better guys. He founded The Distilled Man, a specialty school in San Francisco, to teach essential ‘man skills’, like grilling, cocktails, and poker.
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Meet the Teacher: Robert Allen, Sigma 3 Survival School


How does someone go from investing in real estate to founding a survival school? If you’re Robert Allen, a market crash plus a passion for the outdoors equals his new career: Sigma 3 Survival School.
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Meet the Teacher: Mike De’Shazer, Hatchery Dev Shop

Hatchery Dev Shop

As someone who started out with dreams of a becoming a fiction writer, Mike represents that there’s truly no limit in peer-to-peer learning. Anyone learn to code!
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Meet the Teacher: Shir Moscovitz, Shir Consulting

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Shir made $70K in six months using Pivot Tables and he wants to teach you how to do the same (no lie!). Meet today’s teacher, Shir Moscovitz.
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