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Nominate Eventbrite in the Mashable Open Web Awards!


Attention, social media lovers and Eventbrite fans! Nominations have opened for the 4th Annual Mashable Open Web Awards, a spirited competition to decide the Web’s finest in a range of great categories, from “Best New Gadget” to “Breakthrough Website Design” to “Most Creative Social Good Campaign.” If you’ve been loving Eventbrite, we’d be much obliged if you’d take 5 seconds to give us a nod!

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Social Media for Social Good: The Social Good Conference

This Friday, Mashable is hosting the first ever Social Good Conference in New York City. It’s a one-day event celebrating the end of the Summer for Social Good, a charitable campaign spearheaded by the social media blog, that focused on raising funds for four charities: Livestrong, Humane Society, Oxfam, and WWF. The conference will feature
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