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Guest post: 3 Irreverent Methods to Kickstart Creativity

Breaking through the new media static requires an infusion of creativity; it’s essential that you differentiate your event concepts and marketing campaigns. But maintaining ingenuity is difficult. Here are some of my unconventional yet surefire methods for catalyzing creativity:
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Guest post: The 5 Counter-Intuitive Signs Your Event Is Cool

I am often asked to describe my “coolest event ever,” and I tend to pause a bit too long in response. “Cool” is an ethereal, ephemeral concept, making it tricky to duplicate. For example, “eco-chic” elements may have been mesmerizing when revealed for the first time, but they can become hackneyed with insincere or sloppy emulation.
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Guest Post: 5 Crimes of Event Passion


This is a guest post by Louise M. Felsher, CMP, CMM—Director of Marketing at Treasure Island Wines. Today she discusses “crimes of event passion”—those mistakes you can make when you’re trying too hard to throw the perfect event.
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