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#BriteEvents: Classes, Brunches, Mixers &… Donkey Cookies?

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Our feet on the street who look fantastic in orange were at it again last week, check out what our EE team has been up to!
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Give Your Guests What They Want

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No matter the size of your event, it’s important to remember that the guests (and their desires) come first.
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Event Evangelists Share Their Top Weekend Events


If you’re a regular Eventbrite user, you probably know about our Event Evangelists, who run around their respective cities—SF, LA, Chicago and DFW—meeting event organizers, planning events of their own, and highlighting top gatherings for you to attend. Whether you’re planning an even or just looking for something to do, they’re an awesome resource.
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Behind the Velvet Rope: 5 Takeaways from LA's Best and Britest Event


As the LA Event Evangelist, I have the pleasure of hosting events to foster an Eventbrite community here among Angelenos. My first Velvet Rope event—dubbed “LA’s Best & Britest”—on February 24 at the hip Stone Rose Lounge in Sofitel LA was a celebration dedicated to our top event organizers.
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