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The Duke of York Visits Eventbrite

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His Royal Highness The Duke of York stopped by Eventbrite HQ, check out our photo recap!
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You Can’t Have a Great Business Without Great People

Vancouver Conf Center- Detail

Today’s guest post comes from Chris Dagenais, Account Manager at DDB Public Relations in Vancouver. Chris attended the 2012 Grow Conference last week and was able to hear our very own Julia Hartz speak!
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Joining the (Fast) Company

kevin-and-julia- Feature

Check out this interview with our co-founders, Kevin and Julia Hartz, recently highlighted with Fast Company.
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The President Learns from the Mom. The Mom Learns from the President.

julia_hartz Feature Image

Julia Hartz tells us that only a few moments each morning separate her from being a stellar, working, do-it-all mother getting her child to preschool on time, and the harried, doing-too-much mother who rolls up tardy. Can you relate?
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Things We Pin Up On the Fridge…


We’re happy to announce that Eventbrite has received 2 awards in the past week! And since we think both of them reflect our passion and our dynamic company culture, we wanted to fill you in… First, last week we were named in Fast Company’s list of 25 Women-Run Startups to Watch, a recognition of the great leadership of our fearless Co-Founder and President, Julia Hartz.
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