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This Week in Social Media: Rolling in the Tweets

Adele's "Record of the Year" win prompted more than 10,000 tweets to be published per second.

Adele dominates the Grammy Awards, Twitter responds; Brands react to Google+; President Obama does not include “Glee” on his Spotify playlist.
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Is Google+ Good for Small Businesses?


You’re considering joining Google+. Our guest authors debate the pros and cons that you need to know.
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Put Yourself on the Map: A Social Media Guide for Places, Part One

Venue Feature 8.29.11

Location-based social networks are becoming more and more popular each day. Now is the time to put your events on the map.
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Search “g ticket google’s alternative to ticketmaster”

Snapshot of Google Trends today.

Use Google Searches to Start a Movement? By typing in “g ticket google s alternative to ticketmaster” searches over and over some folks have found a creative way to get their voices heard.
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