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What Does Facebook’s Timeline Mean for Brands and Small Businesses?

Facebook Logo

Facebook updated it’s Pages for brands and businesses. Here’s how we think it will change things – and what you need to know.
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Sell Tickets Through Facebook: Version Two of Eventbrite for Pages Launches

Facebook-logo Feature

Sell tickets directly through your Facebook page with version two of the popular Eventbrite for Pages Facebook application.
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Optimize Your Facebook Ads: Eventbrite Partners with CitizenNet

CitizenNet Feature 9.21.11

We’re excited to announce a partnership with CitizenNet, which simplifies Facebook marketing for event organizers.
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Put Yourself on the Map: A Social Media Guide for Places, Part One

Venue Feature 8.29.11

Location-based social networks are becoming more and more popular each day. Now is the time to put your events on the map.
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Live Update! Undercover at the Social Media Brite Camp


Shhh! Keep it down. I (the marketing intern at Eventbrite) have gained access to our community manager’s Social Media Brite Camp. Without him knowing, I’ll be giving all of you a live, in-depth look at the inner workings of this seminar.
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