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Congrats, FB!

Caption: Betabrand's ‘Executive Hoodie’ has pinstripes...

Everyone in Silicon Valley is wearing a celebratory hoodie today, to commemorate Facebook’s official listing on the Nasdaq. We’re excited for our pals in Palo Alto, and we look forward to seeing what new challenges Facebook will take on, now as a public company.
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Social Commerce: A Look From Our London Office

UK Union Jack

As Eventbrite expands internationally, we are closely watching user behavior on social networks. As events are inherently social, social media only amplifies this highly viral eCommerce category that we like to refer to as social commerce. We began tracking these numbers in October of 2010, but now that we have a UK office and are expanding globally, we thought it was time to take another look, this time comparing activity in the US to the activity in the UK. Take a look at our findings!
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Webinar: Political events: Using social media to drive success

Screen Shot 2012-10-26 at 3.01.08 PM

Facebook and Eventbrite are partnering together to present to you a guideline for successful political events.  From debates to viewing parties, to rallies or fundraisers, social media should be a key component to driving the success of your event.  This webinar will focus on: Key components of a “social event” strategy Examples from previously successful
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Facebook Case Study, Part 2: Engagement, Measurement and Dos and Don’ts

Facebook-logo Feature

In Part Two of our Facebook case study, we share tips on engaging with your audience, how to measure success, and list the essential Dos and Don’ts.
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Facebook Case Study, Part 1: How to Set Your Strategy and Build Your Audience

Facebook Logo

‘Build it and they will come,’ does not apply to Facebook. Here’s what you need to know to set your strategy and build an audience.
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