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Webinar slides: Charlene Li on creating a social media strategy for your event

On April 13th, we co-hosted a webinar with acclaimed social media guru Charlene Li. The title of Charlene’s talk was “Creating a Social Media Strategy for Your Event,” and she gave some fantastic, easy-to-apply tips. (Previously we broke down her talk into blog posts on strategy before, during, and after an event.) We’ve posted the slides from the webinar below.
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Eventbrite webinar: Creating a Social Media Strategy For Your Event

Our last installment of the Eventbrite webinar series was a big success, with Jeff Schwartz of Pathable and Jeff Hurt of Velvet Chainsaw discussing ways to build an online community around events. On April 13th, we’ll be hosting the next in the series—and it’s one we’re really excited about. Acclaimed social media expert Charlene Li—author of the bestselling Groundswell and founder of Altimeter Group—will be leading a webinar titled “Creating a Social Media Strategy For Your Event.”
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