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Join the Eventbrite Team


We’re continuing to build our team of go-getters and game changers, and want you on our team!
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An Inside Peek at the Eventbrite Hackathon


Last Thursday at 6pm, we kicked off our second ever Eventbrite Hackathon. The rules of the Hackathon are simple: create something awesome related to Eventbrite in twelve hours or less. Hackathons have become something of a staple at many tech startups, but we have our own little spin: our hackathon is in no way limited to developers.
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Tech Corner: Auto recovery with MongoDB replica sets


Earlier this year, we rolled out MongoDB for a “page views” feature. This project was in response to an itch we had, and MongoDB scratched that itch quite well. Still, at the time, we were not 100% dedicated to MongoDB. Fast forward a few months, when the “recommendations” project, which had been kicking around the office for over a year, landed at my doorstep.
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