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Crushed the Fundraising Challenge!


If you’ve been following along with Brianna’s Crush Your Fundraising Challenge series, you’ll be thrilled to find out that yes, she did #CrushIt…by a lot!
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Webinar: Greater Giving through Strategic Fundraising

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Eventbrite presents to you a guideline for successful fundraising events.  We’ll discuss fundraising best practices including dynamic pricing structures to maximize sales, how to create incentives for early ticket purchases, and how to create a marketing calendar to best accomplish your goals.  Then we’ll spend time sharing the true power of social media, and how
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Eventbrite Partners with Global Poverty Project to Raise Awareness of Poverty Crisis


1.4 billion people live in extreme poverty each and every day. That’s helped inspire Eventbrite to work with the Global Poverty Project to eradicate extreme poverty within one generation.
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Finding Inspiration From Here and There

Deborah 2 9.27.11 Feature

We gather inspiration from the most unexpected places. See who inspires today’s guest author, from the other side of the world.
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Guest post: BroadCause partners with Eventbrite to provide event management and ticketing


When I started Experience Project nearly five years ago, my vision was to use life experiences to connect people. Replace the ‘friend-in-common’ concept of a traditional social network with ‘experience-in-common,’ and you have the gist of our platform.
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