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Bonjour, Localization: How We Localized the iOS Entry Manager App

How do you code an app from "Yes" to "Oui"?

Sean, our Director of Mobile Development, details how he built the Entry Manager app for French speakers.
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Is It Better To Be Lucky Or Smart? How Eventbrite Weathered the Amazon Outage


Last week was a bad week for many websites hosted on Amazon’s EC2 cloud computing platform, specifically users of their EBS and RDS services. At Eventbrite, we managed to escape a total outage. The fun and games began early Thursday morning at 12:48 AM PDT with a flurry of alerts from our monitoring systems. Eventbrite’s systems engineering team groggily started inspecting the alerts.
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How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love the Cloud


On March 9th, Scott Baker, our Director of Systems Engineering and Operations, gave a keynote presentation at the Cloud Connect conference. Scott offered some great insights on the cloud and what it means to a company like Eventbrite, and we asked him to elaborate for the blog.
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Think Jeopardy's Watson was intelligent? Check out Eventbrite's A.I.


Perhaps you saw IBM’s Watson computer on Jeopardy the other week. Watson used artificial intelligence to defeat two of the most successful contestants in the show’s history. And while we’re not competing on game shows, A.I. plays an important role in what we do too.
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Tech Corner: Auto recovery with MongoDB replica sets


Earlier this year, we rolled out MongoDB for a “page views” feature. This project was in response to an itch we had, and MongoDB scratched that itch quite well. Still, at the time, we were not 100% dedicated to MongoDB. Fast forward a few months, when the “recommendations” project, which had been kicking around the office for over a year, landed at my doorstep.
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