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Whitepaper: Delivering Value for Event Sponsors

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The primary reason a sponsor decides to sign on with your event, as well as the main reason they decide to renew, is the value they perceive from their sponsorship agreement. Value is in the eye of the beholder, and what event hosts consider value is not necessarily what sponsors consider value. This paper will
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Guest Post: Five Musts to Get the Most of Your Event Sponsorship

Treasure Island Wines 5.17.11

Keep these five tips in mind when starting your sponsorship, and you’ll be on track to making the most of the experience for your brand.
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Best practices in building an online community for your event

Live events carry a special thrill—but what happens after everyone goes home? How can an eventholder capture and build on that excitement? A strong online community will allow you to extend the life of an event on both sides—to generate buzz beforehand, and to keep the magic alive long after the physical gathering is finished. Yesterday we co-hosted a webinar on building a vibrant online community around your event.
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