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The Community is Your Classroom. Learn. Teach. Share.

halfmoon_photocredit_lululemon athletica

Discovering and learning new skills this summer is what we’re all about. From workout classes to business with entrepreneurship and professional development, we’ll be highlighting classes and workshops each week so you can get in on the action!
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Crush your Fundraising Challenge! Part 2: The Good, Bad and Straight up Ugly of Ticket Sales


In Part Two of this series, Brianna shares her scoop on ticket sales!
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At The Door On Tour: Six Cities in Seven Days


Our Product Manager, Ty, shares his adventures as he took our iPad app, At The Door, on tour throughout the country!
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Briten Up Your Event With Bloggers!

Brite Break

This post is the first in our ‘Briten Up’ series, written by our Event Evangelists (EE’s), who help organizers in their cities create more successful events. First up, Sara, our Boston EE, shares how and why to include bloggers in your event organization plan!
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4 Resolutions for Event Planning in 2012

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Even the most dedicated event planners need to refresh their approach sometimes. I’ve resolved to keep the following principles at front of mind, no matter how hectic things get!
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