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iPhone App v2.5 Launches with Exciting New Features


Since we introduced the Eventbrite Easy Entry app in May of 2010, many Eventbrite users have adopted it as their event check-in solution. The barcode scanning feature in particular has empowered Eventbrite organizers, and we’ve seen a dramatic increase in the number of check-ins using the app. It’s also surfaced the need for a few new features, which we’ve implemented in our latest update.
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Eventbrite adds major new check-in feature


Over the last few months, a ton of Eventbrite organizers have streamlined the tedious check-in process with ^Easy Entry, our hit iPhone app. And the app got even better last week with the launch of ^version 2.0, which includes a barcode scanner, support for repeating events, and much more. But what if you don’t use an iPhone (or Droid), or simply prefer to check in attendees from your laptop? Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of our first check-in tool for the core Eventbrite platform.
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iPhone app version 1.5: Upgrade to unlimited attendees

We’re excited to announce the release of Easy Entry: version 1.5. This new version includes a bunch of bug fixes—they’re pretty technical and boring, but they’ll definitely improve your experience. The exciting part? While the previous version was limited to 500 attendees, the new one has no attendee limit.
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Eventbrite iPhone app launches

We’re excited to announce the launch of Easy Entry, a new free Eventbrite iPhone app for event organizers! The app gives eventholders an amazing new way to manage event check-in, streamlining the process with an easier, more reliable and more mobile alternative. We see it as a game-changer for event registration. Here’s how it works.
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