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Everything You’d Ever Want to Know About Organizing a Conference


Organizing a conference? We’ve got something special for you.
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5 Ways to Save Money While Planning Your Next Event

Budget Events

Bells and whistles event on a shoestring budget? Not only does David Bakke say it’s possible, but he’ll also show you how!
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Handling Invites With Care: Six Steps to Ensure Your Email is Opened

Red Mail Icon Feature 9.19.11

Eventbrite wants to help you better manage the email invitations you send. Here are some best practices to get your invitations to their intended audiences, legally and ethically!
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The 6 "must ask" venue questions for NPO events

The other week we featured our first guest post in NPO best practices from our friends at the very awesome Philanthro Productions. It covered general tips for getting started with excellent fundraiser events. The second installment in the series focuses on a specific question: What are the key questions any NPO eventholder should ask partner venues?
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5 best practices in NPO events from Philanthro Productions

At Eventbrite, we love to share stories of events for good causes that don’t sacrifice a good time. One of our very cool California-based eventholders has found success by making that their official premise. It’s Friday evening. You’re going out anyway. So wouldn’t be cool if all the money you spent for that night out on the town went to a good cause? Enter Philanthro Productions
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