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The Rise of Themed Runs and Obstacle Challenges

Fun Run Survey

Curious about the tutu-clad or paint-covered runners you’ve seen recently? Themed runs and obstacle challenges are on the rise, check out what we uncovered!
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Charity Beats Vanity When It Comes To Endurance Events And Races

Endurance Survey Graphic

Given all the excitement at Eventbrite around Endurance, we decided to conduct a survey to understand what drives people to participate, what keeps them away, and the perceived benefits of running, specifically. What we found was fascinating – and encouraging.
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San Rafael Twilight Criterium


We’re pumped to be making a splash in the endurance market and powering races across the country. We’re also thrilled to be handling registration this year for next week’s San Rafael Twilight Criterium on Saturday, July 7th.
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Go green for your next race with Virtual Race Bags!

vrb image

We’re teaming up with Virtual Race Bags to put a new spin on an old favorite – the race bag. This integration simplifies the race bag by putting it online and making it easier to set up.
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Powering Races Across the Country

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As we continue looking for ways to make a race organizer’s life easier, we’ve taken an innovative, technology-driven approach to develop features tailored to the specific needs of endurance races.

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