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What if a Parade Rains on Your Parade?: How We Managed a Last-Minute Date Change

Dallas 2 7.18.11 Feature Crop

As it often goes with events, sometimes the biggest things are unexpected. This is what we learned from having to change our event date at the last minute.
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From Start to Finish: Tips for Using Social Media to Build Your Event

Gary Vee in Big D 2 6.27.11 Feature Crop

Learn the ways organizers of the “Gary Vee in Big D!” used social media to book a celebrity speaker, secure sponsorships, and have some fun along the way.
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Event Evangelists Share Their Top Weekend Events


If you’re a regular Eventbrite user, you probably know about our Event Evangelists, who run around their respective cities—SF, LA, Chicago and DFW—meeting event organizers, planning events of their own, and highlighting top gatherings for you to attend. Whether you’re planning an even or just looking for something to do, they’re an awesome resource.
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BriteDFW's big Dallas event: Art Party- Life as Canvas


Next Thursday (11/11), DFW will come alive and experience a new kind of creativity as Art Party- Life as Canvas takes the stage for one night of innovative awesomeness. Now, I know what you’re thinking. How can art and a party exist at the same time? Well, for starters, look at it: pARTy. I mean, the work was virtually done for us
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"DFW Unplugged" hits House of Blues, offers 5 takeaways for engaging a community


Last week we hosted the first ever “DFW Unplugged” event at the House of Blues in Dallas. The idea behind the event was simple: get the technical community together and give them an opportunity to interact with each other, get to know each other better, and learn something in the process. With a live DJ, great drinks, one of the coolest atmospheres in Dallas, and some absolutely amazing speakers, we wanted to do things a little differently than your average tech event.
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