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Q&A with our Security Team

Eventbrite Security

At Eventbrite, we take privacy and security seriously. We caught up with our Head of Security to ask some of the top questions that customers ask our customer service team.
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Drinks and Frogs: How People Are Celebrating Feb. 29

Plenty of people are using Feb. 29 as an excuse to host an event, and they're using frogs to do it.

There are two common characteristics with the many events we’re seeing on February 29.
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Know the Numbers: Our Data Chooses the Super Bowl Winner

Will Tom Brady help score 223 points for New England? Probably not.

Our blog editor says the New England Patriots will win the 2012 Super Bowl. Here’s he’s reasoning. (Note: He may want to stick to blog editing.)
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As Our Data Shows, Wine Makes the World Go 'Round

Red Wine Feature Crop

We like wine, and we’re not alone. Folks from 47 countries or territories throughout the world have used Eventbrite to plan wine-themed events.
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