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When "Ho, Ho, Ho" Goes Horribly

What would you do if the one horse for the "One Horse Open Sleigh" never shows up?

Are you having a “Bah Humbug” moment at your holiday party? Damany shares his insights on what to do when the big event does not go as planned.
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Reflections from our Dallas Event Evangelist

Damany 5.26.11

As with all major milestones, turning the big 3-0 made me sit back and reflect on…well, just about everything.
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How to Create Your Own Event Supernova, Part Two


How do you sustain your event supernova? Our Dallas Event Evangelist, Damany, discusses how to create an explosion of event greatness during and after the event.
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How to Create Your Own Event Supernova, Part One


Dallas Event Evangelist, Damany, has attended and organized his fair share of events. He is here to give his expert opinions on how to create an event supernova.
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Outstanding Valentine's events in 2010

The calendar gods smiled on us for Valentine’s Day 2010, plunking 2/14 on the Sunday night of Presidents’ Day weekend—this year, there’s no need to worry about cracking that champagne on a school night. All the more reason to get yourself out to some great events! Whatever your town, and whether you’ll be arriving with a sweetheart or hoping to leave with one, Eventbrite has you covered.
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