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Ready to Register? Introducing Registration Terminology for Your Event

Go from "tickets" to "registrations" with this option in the Event Types & Language button on the "Manage" tab.

You can now switch from our standard ticketing terminology, to registration event terms.
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How to Build an Awesome Team of Volunteers

Chad - Volunteers 10.26.11 Feature

Volunteers are the backbone of an event that can’t be bought. Here are three ways to build your best team of volunteers.
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Optimize Your Facebook Ads: Eventbrite Partners with CitizenNet

CitizenNet Feature 9.21.11

We’re excited to announce a partnership with CitizenNet, which simplifies Facebook marketing for event organizers.
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My First Blog Conference, Inspired by Eleanor Roosevelt (Not the One You Think)

Sara - Eleanor Roosevelt 8.4.11 Feature

I’ve always been a little envious of bloggers and the events that they get to attend. At the end of this month, I will finally have my chance to attend one of these events, and I can barely contain my excitement.
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