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Guest post: 8 event marketing mistakes you can't afford

Edith Yeung is the founder and executive producer of BizTechDay, an entrepreneur conference where inspiring entrepreneurs share practical business and technology strategies. BizTechDay 2010 will take place in San Francisco, Seattle and New York this fall. Edith has successfully produced over 40 entrepreneurial events and brought over 5500 people together in the past 3 years. We asked her to share her insights into common event marketing mistakes. Here’s what she shared with us!
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Finance events for difficult times

These are complicated times for the banking and finance sector. Of course, given our penchant for events, we see this tricky climate as all the more reason to use live gatherings to connect, educate, and network. And we’ve got a ton of compelling business and finance events being hosted through Eventbrite in coming months—everything from regional economic forums to large conferences. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorites below.
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