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@BriteSF's 5 Takeaways from MPI's World Education Congress

It was a great weekend of learning, connecting, and coming together with the common goal of instigating change. Here are 5 lessons learned…

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Guest post: 4 steps to great event badges

As Director of BD here at Eventbrite, I go to a fair amount of business events. One thing I have noticed lately is the wide variety of badges I am given. Some badges are hip, some are stale. Some hang from my neck, while others pin onto my jacket. But for the most part, most of the badges I get are useless. Here’s why:
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Finance events for difficult times

These are complicated times for the banking and finance sector. Of course, given our penchant for events, we see this tricky climate as all the more reason to use live gatherings to connect, educate, and network. And we’ve got a ton of compelling business and finance events being hosted through Eventbrite in coming months—everything from regional economic forums to large conferences. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorites below.
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