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BriteDFW's big Dallas event: Art Party- Life as Canvas


Next Thursday (11/11), DFW will come alive and experience a new kind of creativity as Art Party- Life as Canvas takes the stage for one night of innovative awesomeness. Now, I know what you’re thinking. How can art and a party exist at the same time? Well, for starters, look at it: pARTy. I mean, the work was virtually done for us
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"DFW Unplugged" hits House of Blues, offers 5 takeaways for engaging a community


Last week we hosted the first ever “DFW Unplugged” event at the House of Blues in Dallas. The idea behind the event was simple: get the technical community together and give them an opportunity to interact with each other, get to know each other better, and learn something in the process. With a live DJ, great drinks, one of the coolest atmospheres in Dallas, and some absolutely amazing speakers, we wanted to do things a little differently than your average tech event.
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