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15 Ways to Seize the Day in Chicago


Congratulations, Chicago! You survived the Polar Vortex. To celebrate, here are 15 great ways to Carpe Diem in the Windy City.
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Meet Your New Chicago Event Evangelist, Alexa!

Alexa Stache

Lover of education reform, interior design, hippos and able to name every U.S. state in alphabetical order in under 30 seconds. Meet Alexa, your new Chicago EE!
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BriteChicago's Five Takeaways From EventCamp National Conference


This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending EventCamp’s 2011 National Conference, located in Chicago at the fun and eclectic Catalyst Ranch. I’ve pared down my notes to 5 major takeaways from EventCamp. All of them relate to the important sentiment of connecting with and listening to your audience.
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