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From Drinks to Decor: Picking Your NYE Theme

Allison and Julia - Tartan & Sequins

Crystals, feathers and Gin Basil Smashes? Yes, please. The ladies of Tartan & Sequins share how they’d plan the ultimate New Year’s Eve soiree.
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Bringing Some Briteness to Blissdom!

Showing off the Eventbrite app!

Our Toronto Ambassador, Jamie, is attending and reporting on some of the best and britest events Toronto has to offer. Check out her recap of Blissdom Canada.
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Briten Up Your Event With Bloggers!

Brite Break

This post is the first in our ‘Briten Up’ series, written by our Event Evangelists (EE’s), who help organizers in their cities create more successful events. First up, Sara, our Boston EE, shares how and why to include bloggers in your event organization plan!
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My First Blog Conference, Inspired by Eleanor Roosevelt (Not the One You Think)

Sara - Eleanor Roosevelt 8.4.11 Feature

I’ve always been a little envious of bloggers and the events that they get to attend. At the end of this month, I will finally have my chance to attend one of these events, and I can barely contain my excitement.
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