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Holiday Parties 101


Whether home or office, if you’re planning to host a holiday party this year, here are some ideas to make it a huge success!
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Who Wears Short Shorts? We Wear Short Shorts.

Chubbies Feature 9.13.11

Sky’s out, thighs out. We check out a shortswear launch party listed on Eventbrite, and end up with some great event advice (as well as some well-bronzed gams).
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Go Beyond Logistics: How to Fully Engage Your Audience

Speak to Me 2 9.7.11 Feature

Make sure each attendee leaves your event saying, “That’s what I’ve been needing”.
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Photography Fun with Eventbrite's Event Evangelists


August flew by, leaving a trail of event photos behind. Eventbrite and its evangelist were their to pick up the pictures for your enjoyment.
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Heroic Tips for Hosting Your Next Event


The past nine weeks have been extraordinary. Eventbrite has been honored to share the stories of amazing event planners from all over the country. Here is a quick recap of our heroes and lessons to keep in mind during your next event.
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