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Events We Love: Aesthetic Darwinism


We’re big fans of new technology, especially when it’s woven into a part of our life where it didn’t exist previously. So naturally we were quite smitten when we first heard about Gretchen Andrus (_g)’s art and her upcoming show, Aesthetic Darwinism.
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Wisdom From Your Five-Year-Old: Incorporate the Idea of "Play" Into Your Event

BedJump 7.6.11 Feature

Why is it important to incorporate the idea of “play” into our events?
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BriteDFW's big Dallas event: Art Party- Life as Canvas


Next Thursday (11/11), DFW will come alive and experience a new kind of creativity as Art Party- Life as Canvas takes the stage for one night of innovative awesomeness. Now, I know what you’re thinking. How can art and a party exist at the same time? Well, for starters, look at it: pARTy. I mean, the work was virtually done for us
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Events focus: Greater Boston

We love to check in on a specific region and surface some of its most intriguing events. Hopefully this not only provides a helpful guide for locals, but a snapshot of the many great gatherings on Eventbrite—and inspiration for attendees and eventholders all over the map. With that in mind (and in honor of Patriot’s Day and the Boston Marathon on Monday) here are 10 excellent and eclectic events happening in greater Boston in the next few days.
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