Go Green with the Eventbrite App

Attendees can pull up their ticket using our new iPhone application, helping organizers "green" their events and provide a more seamless entry experience.

No more searching through emails, hunting down a printer, or wasting paper — this holiday season, we’re here to help your guests get to your event and check in more easily.

We’re excited to introduce the Eventbrite mobile app, just in time for New Year’s Eve bashes. Event-goers now have the option to go paperless and have a hassle-free, delightful event experience. Your guests can quickly access all of their Eventbrite tickets and upcoming event information right on their iPhone (or iOS device). They can pull up their name and ticket barcode to check into an event, and you, the organizer, can easily scan their barcode to check them in with our Entry Manager app.

The Eventbrite app also encourages your attendees to share and invite their friends to your event. They can easily Tweet or SMS the event URL, send an email with details, or copy the link and share it in a personalized email. They’re helping to spread the word, right from their own phones.

The app also ensures that attendees know how to get to your event! They can view the location of the event, pull up directions on their phone, and have their GPS navigate them every step of the way. And, if they need to contact you with any last minute questions, they are only one click away from sending you an email.

Feel free to check out the Eventbrite App in our Help Center, and let us know if you have any questions or feedback in the comments below. We hope that you encourage your attendees to leave their paper tickets at home and head to your event, with just their iPhones in their pockets. Have them head to the App Store today!

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