Search “g ticket google’s alternative to ticketmaster”

Everyone goes to Google to search for information they’re looking for, but ever wonder what Google can do for YOU?  Some folks at Reddit have started a movement that’s close to our hearts – to make events more attendee-friendly and easy for everyone to enjoy live experiences.

Every morning, one of the first things I do is check out the current search trends on Google Trends.  It’s basically Google’s page of showing the keywords that are searched most at any given time.   When I saw that the keyword “g ticket google s alternative to ticketmaster” was the top 11 keyword being searched on Google today, I was skeptical.  That couldn’t be true and it’s probably a bug on Google’s part.  After investigating further, seems like some folks were typing in the search keyword “g ticket google’s alternative to ticketmaster” repeatedly to send a signal to Google to give them an alternative ticketing solution.  Will Google catch on?  Perhaps. What’s awesome to me is that Google has provided these tools that allow voices to be heard and a large amount of passionate people are taking advantage!

G-Ticket: Google’s Alternative To Ticketmaster

G-Ticket: Google’s Alternative To Ticketmaster

We’re excited to see such enthusiasm for new ticketing solutions, this is why we exist, and this is what keeps us going. Here at Eventbrite, we believe anyone can hold any ticketed event easily without exorbitant fees and we’re proud to be in this space full of passionate people!

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