Events We Love: Ally’s #LoveRuns 5k

Some people celebrating their 30th birthday by throwing themselves a party. Some celebrate by going on vacation, or purchasing an expensive item they’ve been eyeing. Ally Vesterfelt is not one of those people.

In celebration of her 30th birthday this year, Ally is hoping to raise $30,000 to build a classroom in Gulu, Uganda with Bob Goff and Restore International. However, instead of just asking her friends and family for donations, she’s turned this into an event anyone, anywhere can participate in: a remote 5k.

When she realized the big three-zero was quickly approaching, she knew she didn’t want or need more ‘stuff’. Committed to living with less (she actually just wrote a book about this, called Packing Light), Ally reached out to Bob Goff and asked him what she could do if she raised $30,000. It was an easy sell when Bob told her that $30,000 could build an entire classroom.


Now, what the heck is a remote 5k, you might ask? A remote 5k is 3.1 miles, at your own speed, in your own city, or wherever you might be on Saturday, May 25th. The beauty of this race is that you can really run WHEREVER you are. Ally will be participating with her runner friends in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and I’ll be running with a few pals in San Francisco, and YOU can run (or walk) in your own neighborhood with your own friends.

Snazzy #LoveRuns t-shirt!

Snazzy #LoveRuns t-shirt!

Ally has been collecting donations online, and each registration includes a “Love Runs” t-shirt that runners can wear on Saturday. All proceeds are going to support her goal to build a classroom (half of a school!!) in Gulu, Uganda. On the day of the race, runners are encouraged to take pictures of themselves and post them to their social networks of choice, with the hashtag #LoveRuns.

4-legged runners are welcome to participate, too!

4-legged runners are welcome to participate, too!

Giving the gift of education to kids who wouldn’t otherwise have access to it? Sounds like a pretty amazing birthday gift to us!

Want to learn more about Ally’s idea? Check out her blog posts here and here. Or if you want to help Ally have the happiest birthday ever, you can sign up here, or make a tax deductible donation directly to Restore International here!

Hitting the pavement on Saturday morning? Don’t forget to share your photos with the hashtag #LoveRuns, and be sure to tag Ally (@AllyVest), Bob (@BobGoff) and Restore International (@RestoreIntl).