Eventbrite credit card processing now supports UK pounds, euros, Australian dollars

Just a couple short months ago, we took Eventbrite credit card processing international with the launch of a platform for Canadian dollars. That upgrade has been a big hit with our neighbors to the north, and we’re excited to announce a major new expansion of the program. Effective immediately, we’re offering our standard credit card processing in three more local currencies: UK pounds, euros, and Australian dollars. This is a big benchmark, because it brings support to the majority of our customers!

Why do we strongly advise you to use our own processing, instead of PayPal or Google Checkout? We thought you’d never ask! There are several major benefits:

  • Attendees never need to leave our site—this simplifies the process and results in more tickets sold
  • There’s no added setup time or cost
  • We’re PCI compliant

As with Canadian dollars, the new international processing works with Visa or MasterCard; has a 3.5% transaction fee; and is direct-deposit only (but hey, direct-deposit beats checks anyway!) We know it will make things a lot easier for organizers and attendees. Have fun using it for your next event!